Spotify: Apple abuses App Stores power to stifle rivals

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek wants Europe regulators to force Apples App Store onto a "level playing field."

Apple wields its App Store as a cudgel to stifle innovation, weaken competition and unfairly tax its rivals, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said in a post Wednesday, after the worlds biggest music streaming service filed a complaint with European regulators. 

"In Apples case, they continue to give themselves an unfair advantage at every turn," Ek said in his note. 

The conflict pits Apple, a gadget giant whose App Store is essential for mobile services to thrive, against the biggest subscription music service in the world and one of the most popular iOS apps. If the complaint snowballs into regulatory action against the App Store -- and the EU has demonstrated an eagerness to take on techs abuses of power lately -- it could have implications for the business fortunes of many apps you use every day. 

Apple didnt respond to a message seeking comment. A representative for the European Commission confirmed it received a complaint from Spotify, saying the body is assessing it under its standard procedures.