Scarlett Johansson Reveals Her Worst Red Carpet Nightmare and Which Co-Star Shed Kiss Again


She may play a superhero on screen, but Scarlett Johansson can tackle some sticky situations in real life, too. The latest proof? This story. 

In a game of "Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood Squared" for Vogue, the AvengersEndgame star recalled her worst red carpet nightmare. Spoiler alert: it will make your stomach suddenly turn. 

"Right before I got on the red carpet, my entire dress split open and then every time I had to pee, I had to get cut out of the dress and resewed into it," she described. "So yeah, not a lot of fluids that night." Yikes! A major round of applause to Johansson for forging ahead even with that kind of fashion emergency. 

The actress was also candid about her weirdest interactions with fans, citing the Avengerstattoos they often show her. "Ive definitely seen a lot of bad Avengers tattoos and for some reason, mine always look like my face looks more like Jeremy Renner than Jeremy Renners face," she explained. "I dont know why. I guess we look alike?"

During the entertaining game show interview, also starring fellow world-famous actresses Eiza GonzálezLéa SeydouxAngelababyGolshifteh FarahaniElizabeth DebickiAdesua EtomiHera Hilmar and Deepika Padukone, the women were asked who they would most like to kiss onscreen. 

"I would go round two with Penélope Cruz," Johansson said of her Vicky Cristina Barcelona co-star. "Hey P." And while we all know shes been going out with Colin Jost for nearly two years, she had a different answer when they were asked who theyre dating. "Im dating my doorman," she jokingly replied. 

On a more serious—and triumphant note—cheers broke out when she answered this final question: "Have you ever been paid more than a man?"

"Yes," Johansson replied with a smile, contrasted by the other actresses "nos." "Its how it should be."

Thankfully, women now have the platforms, like this interview, to address the wide-ranging inequalities in Hollywood on and off the screen. 

"Its a conversation that Hollywood has never had before," she told the magazine. "It feels like were all kind of catching up."

The April issue of Vogue hits newsstands nationwide on March 26.